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As you know we are a soon to be e-tailer of firearms, so you can visit our main rifle or shotgun site if you are looking for a hunting firearm. We sell long rifles and shotguns for all your hunting needs. You are not allowed to hunt with handguns in Canada*

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Bear Hunting

Goose Hunting in Canada

Duck Hunting canada

Duck and other waterfowl hunting is very popular in Canada.

Deer Hunting

Hunting White tail deer in Ontario and other provinces is a very imporatnt pursuit in Canada. We can provide you with the gear and information needed to suceessfully have a deer huntin canada.

Moose Hunting

Canadian Turkey Hunting

Hunting Wild Turkeys in Canada

Caribou Hunting

Elk Hunting

Varmit shooting




Hunting in the following provinces also: Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador

Hunting Books for Sale in Canada

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